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Studio Proper announces big expansion into the booming US market

Studio Proper has today announced a huge expansion into the booming US market, with an office and team on the ground in Colorado.

Founded in Melbourne in 2010, Studio Proper’s diverse ecosystem of products enable users - both personal and business - to get the most out of the tech devices that they use every day. Its products centre on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with a range of mountable cases and accessories for anyone’s needs.

The startup’s intricately designed and carefully manufactured products work to complement the tech devices that we all love and enable users to achieve more with the same.

The Studio Proper US team will be led by business development manager Bill Mastre, who has previously worked at $US2 billion consumer electronics accessory giant Otterbox.

The US is the largest market in the world for consumer technology - worth $US75 billion - as well as future payments technology including Square and PayPal, complementing Studio Proper’s point-of-sale and business mobility solutions.

Studio Proper’s products are actively recommended by the teams at Apple, Square and PayPal for its point-of-sale solutions, and this will be a focus point for the company’s growth.

“The US has always been our largest customer market, and the timing is perfect to now proactively invest in our brand growth there at a grassroots level” Studio Proper founder and CEO Alon Tamir says.

It’s another significant milestone in what has been a huge year for the studio, and it’s set for an even bigger 2017.

“This year has seen incredible growth across the entire Proper business and we’re excited to continue aligning with best-of-breed partners in distribution and sales, bringing our market-leading products to even more people and businesses globally,” Tamir says.
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