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Universal Tablet Stand

The Universal Tablet stand is crafted from premium, aircraft grade Aluminium. A built in smooth hinge enables the perfect viewing angle, and seamless screen flipping for shared viewing. Connecting your tablet is achieved by a simple twist to lock and unlock motion. Formed from precision cut aircraft grade Aluminium, it matches your tablet in looks and functionality, with a slim, sleek and clutter free appearance.

What's in the Box

1 x Universal Connect Adapter

1 x Tablet Stand

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Elevated Experience.

The Universal Tablet stand elevates your tablet up and out of the way. The patented centrally located mount mechanism means the tablet appears to float when docked to the Unviersal Tablet stand, and rotates easily between landscape and portrait.

The Perfect Angle.

We've carefully designed the hinge mechanism to provide complete angle flexibility whilst ensuring that your selected angle is held robustly in place, with zero chance for droop.


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