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Universal Connect Adapter

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The solution for every tablet.

Whether you're bringing your own case, a non Apple tablet or you just want to use your iPad bare, the Universal Connect Adapter is your bridge into the entire range of Proper Mounts and Stands — Designed to adhere to every tablet device* safely and securely.

*requires a flat surface area of 9 x 11 cm.

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Twist & Click
Proper accessories work by aligning your device up to any iPad Business Mount or Stand & rotating into place.
Light as a Feather
Okay, not quite. But this is designed with super light weight materials.
Form Fitting
Our mounting technology is incredibly thin, hugging the form factor of your device.
Scratch Proof
Proper products are made from premium materials, allowing us to pack essential scratch resistance into a super slim frame.

Installation Instructions

01. Peel
To mount the iPad Universal Adapter to your device, first ensure your device is clean, then peel off the 3M adhesive backing.
02. Align
Align the iPad Universal Adapter up to the centre of your device. (If you don’t trust your eye, use a ruler to find the centre.)
03. Adhere
Stick the iPad Universal Adapter down firmly onto your device and allow it to set for at least 60 minutes.
04. Mount!
That’s it! You can now start mounting your device to any of our Proper iPad accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Great products but need latest apple accessories
Quick Delivery & Nice Contakt
great stuff!
Great Product

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