6 Of The Coolest New Gadgets For 2016

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In past years it seemed like most of the new tech gadgets on the market were either ultra-expensive or meant for the super tech-savvy user.

Not this year. We are finding more and more gadgets for the average person – practical gadgets that make like better and easier.

In this article, we look at six of the coolest new gadgets for 2016. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Enjoy this list of high-tech possibilities aimed right at you.

#1: The Moff Band

the moff band

We start off our list with a kids’ product, the Moff Band, because it takes game playing to a new level. This innovative toy combines high tech with simplicity. Designed in collaboration with Pac-Man, this product is basically a slap bracelet that lets kids (or adults) wear the Moff band and swing their arms to play Pac-Man through an app.

The best thing about the Moff Band is that it combines the love of gaming with physical activity. No more worrying about kids sitting on the sofa playing games on their smartphone and tablet.

Now they can use their iPhones and iPads with the Moff Band to stay active while playing Pac-Man.

In addition, kids can use the Moff Band to simulate activities such as playing the drums, throwing a baseball or directing the symphony!

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2: Nima from 6 Sensor Labs

6 sensor labs Nima

For people with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, this cool new gadget can test food for gluten in under two minutes with an antibody-based test and disposable pods.

The pods can also be configured to test for other allergies, additives and pathogens. On the horizon – peanut and dairy pods are in development.

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3: Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo

Another cool health and wellness gadget, the Withings Thermo reads your temperature in two seconds and keeps track of it on an app on your smartphone or tablet, via Wi-Fi.

Thermo is a game changer because with just a simple gesture, you’ll get a precise temperature and automatic Wi-Fi sync. The dedicated Thermo app tracks your temperature readings, provides reminders and lets you input symptoms and medications right on your smartphone.

Easily share your Thermo diary with your doctor at any time with one click.

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4: Mevo


With the Mevo, you can capture live events as they happen, edit video on the fly, stream live or choose to share it later.

Connect the Mevo right to your iPhone and use the Mevo app to edit up to nine virtual cameras. Your iPhone is now your very own personal video editing suite. Do it yourself or let Mevo take over.

You’ll enjoy Mevo’s automated editing and in-app filters. Customize and enhance shots as you film or after. The possibilities with this device are endless.

Mevo, the live event camera comes with:

  • Mevo camera and mount
  • A universal mount for mic stands and tripods
  • A 10 foot USB cable to keep your camera charged
  • A 16 GB microSD card to save your videos

Available only for iPhone use right now, expect Mevo to start shipping in July 2016.

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5: Plume Mini Routers


Plume is an incredibly cool new gadget for 2016. A small pod that plugs into the wall, Plume puts Wi-Fi where it belongs. You can even put a plume in every room of your house because they are small and unobtrusive.

A small hexagon that plugs into a wall outlet, you wire one Plume into your Internet connection while all the others only need to be plugged in.

The Plumes communicate with one another to create a mesh network you connect to through Wi-Fi. Plume is self-optimizing Wi-Fi which means it allocates more power where it’s needed. For example, you have two teenagers on their iPhones in the living room. Plume sends more power there.

It also intelligently balances your bandwidth knowing your smart thermostat doesn’t need as much Wi-Fi as your television.

Lastly, you can install your Wi-Fi in minutes, see and manage your devices, add a guest (or deny one), or just check in to keep your cable company honest all using your smartphone app.

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To Conclude

These are six of the coolest new gadgets of 2016. New gadgets are arriving on the scene each day as 2016 proves to be a year of creativity and development in technology.

You can expect the creation of new gadgets aimed at the regular person as the demand for gadgets increases.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on the coolest new gadgets of 2016, you’ll want to take great care of your current iPhone and iPad. This way you can use your new gadgets with their corresponding apps

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