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Universal Tablet Shoulder Strap

Precision machined from solid Aluminium, with an adjustable nylon strap, the Universal Tablet Shoulder Strap is feather-weight and highly durable. The shoulder strap attaches and detaches from all tablets quickly and effortlessly with a 'turn and click'. A compact design means the Shoulder Strap is portable and easily packed away.

What's in the Box

1 x Universal Connect Adapter

1 x Shoulder Strap

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Beautiful, Durable Materials.

Solid anodised Aluminium, selected for its lightness and durability, has been paired with a nylon adjustable strap to create an experience that is exceedingly comfortable for every user.

Adjustable. Functional.

Carefully selected strapping that adjusts to the perfect fit, every time, for everyone. Locking onto the Universal Tablet Adapter in seconds, it's readily available when needed, and quickly detached and packed away when not.




Portrait or Landscape. It just works.

X Lock into place, then rotate to change orientations with a simple turn and click. X Lock ensures your tablet is always perfectly aligned in both orientations.


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