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Universal Tablet Mobile Payments Kit

Point-of-sale has never been so portable — The Proper Tablet Mobile Payments Kit is the simplest way to mount an mPOS/EMV terminal to your tablet. Allowing you to manage point-of-sale operations with your tablet while remaining connected to your mobile payment device at all times.

This kit includes a Mounting Plate that firmly adheres to the rear of any mobile payment device, card reader, or other handheld business peripherals, and a Proper Universal Tablet Adapter that adheres securely to the back surface of your tablet.

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Twist & Click
Lock your device securely in place with a simple twist + click.
Switch Orientation
Mount your mPOS device to your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation with ease.
Light as a Feather
Technology shouldn't weigh you down. The mPOS Mount is lightweight.
Strong & Secure
Keeping your iPad locked securely in place, and keeping you stress-free.

Compatible with all mobile payment devices, including:

Verifone e280
Verifone e285
Verifone e355
Infinea Bluepad
Square Reader

+ PayPal Reader, iZettle Reader 2, Ingenico RP750X, Ingenico Moby/8500, MagTek tDynamo, and more...

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