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iPad Pivot Stand

The Pivot's swivel means you can achieve the perfect viewing angle every time, and a simple twist is all that's needed to swap between portrait and landscape orientations effortlessly. The ideal compliment to any desktop environment. Handsome in the office, utterly chic at home, the Pivot is the ultimate iPad stand. Formed from precision cut aircraft grade Aluminum, it matches your iPad pound for pound in looks and functionality.

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Elevated Experience.

The Pivot stand elevates your iPad up and out of the way. The most seamless iPad stand, our patented centrally located X Lock mechanism means the iPad appears to float when docked to the Pivot stand, and rotates easily between landscape and portrait.

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The Perfect Angle.

We've carefully designed the Pivot hinge mechanism to provide complete angle flexibility whilst ensuring that your selected angle is held robustly in place, with zero chance for droop.

Balanced & Oriented.

A wide iMac style 'foot' makes for a perfectly balanced stand that confidently holds your iPad better than any cover stand ever could. Feel free to tap and swipe at the screen, the Pivot won't budge and is ready for anything and everything.

Quick Mount & Release

The X Lock Pivot stand mounts to your iPad case quickly, with a simple 'turn & click'. Removal is an equally simple, intuitive motion.

ipad case and stand

Made for X Lock iPad Cases

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool. Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock system acts as a toolset enabling beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity, simply and seamlessly. A clever and intuitive mounting mechanism means the X Lock case mounts to a growing range of accessories with a simple 'Turn & Click', while protective your device at all times.

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iPad Pivot Stand FAQs

How do you mount the iPad to the Pivot Stand?

You’ll need to pick up an X Lock™ iPad Case which connects it to the Pivot Stand. Cases can be purchased here.

How does the Pivot stand 'Pivot'? 

The Pivot stand allows the iPad to be angled back and forward using a see-saw motion, to face you or a person opposite you.

I'd like to use the Pivot stand in a public area.  Can the Pivot be secured against theft?

The best solution for an IPad Stand used in a public setting that is fully secured is within our POS range – the Lock Belt and Swivel Stand. Click 'For Business' in the top navigation menu to view that range.

I'd like my Pivot stand to more tightly hold the angle I select, is this possible?

Yes, your pivot will arrive capable of holding any angle, but if you require further tightening this can be achieved by tighting the two screws to either side of the pivoting hinge.

What if I decide to upgrade my iPad, will my Pivot stand still work?

Yes.  The Pivot stand will always work, you will simply need to purchase the X Lock™ case to suit your new iPad.

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