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iPad Hand Strap

The iPad was made to be used on the go, but let's be honest, holding it on the edge just doesn't cut it. Side grabbing leads to hand fatigue and that's not going to get the job done. The X Lock hand strap lets you hold your iPad or iPad Mini comfortably, all day, and allows for simple movement between landscape and portrait while in use.

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Quick, Convenient & Easy.

You won't always need the hand strap, but when you do, you want it to be simple to attach, and immediately locked into orientation at a comfortable viewing angle. The X Lock Hand Strap locks into cases with a quick 'turn & click', removes quickly and easily, and is small, light and portable when not in use.

Balanced & Comfortable.

Edge mounted hand straps don't resolve comfort and fatigue issues experienced during prolonged use. The centrally mounted X Lock hand strap provides a perfectly balanced experience that makes a big difference when using your iPad. Say goodbye to hand and wrist fatugue, those are a thing of the past.

Made for Sharing.

Helping you stay focused on what's most important; communicating and sharing your ideas. No more iPad juggling with the fear of an imminent drop and break. Just a comfortable, secure and dependable hand strap that lets you do what you do best.

Perfect Fit, Every Time.

A comfortable, 100% Japanese Felt strap with velcro fastening means you acheive a comfortable and secure fit, every time.

iPad + Comfort.

The Hand Strap makes using your iPad, whether it be working or relaxing, a better, more enjoyable experience.


Made for X Lock iPad Cases

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool. Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock system acts as a toolset enabling beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity, simply and seamlessly. A clever and intuitive mounting mechanism means the X Lock case mounts to a growing range of accessories with a simple 'Turn & Click', while protective your device at all times. Need the case? Grab one here.



iPad Hand Strap FAQs

Can I use the Hand Strap on its own?

No, you’ll need an X Lock™ compatible case for you Ipad / Ipad Mini.  iPad cases are available here.

How does the Hand Strap attach to the iPad?

The Hand strap connects to your Ipad’s X Lock™ Case. By aligning the X on the Hand Strap with the X on the case and then a simple twist and click – the Hand strap is now connected with the iPad Case ready for use. 

How do I disconnect the Hand Strap from my iPad?

With a simple turn & click the Hand strap will easily disconnect itself from your iPad Case.

What if I decide to upgrade my iPad, will my Hand Strap stand still work?

Yes.  The Hand Strap will always work, you will simply need to purchase the X Lock™ case to suit your new iPad.

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