The very best tech at market leading prices.

Proper Approved is our range of 'as-new' lightly used devices, in virtually perfect condition, backed by a 60 day warranty. We carefuly select only A-grade devices to bring you even better buying opportunities and prices, without the supply delays.

Proper Approved includes a growing range of:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android tablets
  • Android smartphones
  • Laptop & Desktop computers

All Proper Approved devices complete a rigorous QC process ensuring they function flawlessly and are in perfect physical and operational condition.

Whether you require 10 or 10000+ devices, our Proper Approved program is the affordable and time assured option to procure current model products without sacrificing quality.

Shop the range or Contact the Proper Approved team to discuss your requirements, obtain a quote, or explore opportunities with the Proper Approved program further.