Counting Your Seconds, Minutes and Days

Keep time and watch the day go by visibly and perceptively. Designed by Felix Vorreiter in Germany, the FLUX 1440 is a wall clock unlike any you’ve ever seen before. It notes the passing of time though marks made on cording that looks a bit like a shoe lace. The cord is marked with a color code for every second and minute in the day. You may not know that your day includes 1440 minutes, but after using the FLUX 1440, you’ll have a better grasp on your fleeting day. This innovative clock helps you experience your day by watching the journey of the cording. While it’s a bit confusing to watch, you certainly will be entertained trying to figure out how time unravels each and every day.

Say Goodbye to Jingles, Scratches and Clutter

Designed right in our backyard in Melbourne, the Orbit Key makes life better by taking your cluster of keys and turning it into a silent, very organized stack of keys. The popularity of this item is seen by the fact that their Kickstarter pledges are nearly 10 times their goal. Geared for the male population, the Orbit Key comes with your choice of leather, canvas or rubber bands. You can fit up to seven keys inside and attach your car opener to the outside. Your keys fit neatly inside so you can say goodbye to a messy keyring and scratches on other items in your pocket. Plus, you can also add a multi-tool and USB drive, so the Orbit Key is all you’ll ever need to carry.

Fluid, Dynamic Pen with Minimal Style

In its second generation, the Pen Uno is widely supported on Kickstarter. New and improved, not only is this the most minimal writing instrument on the market, but it can change from pen to pencil and back again. The pen uses the famous Hi-Tec C Coleto gel ink cartridge and is made from space grade aluminum. With a simple change of two components, it transforms into a pencil. Buyers of Pen Uno can expect to find it in five modern-looking colors: gold, rose gold, red, black and space grey. An incredibly thin pen, you won’t miss out on comfort because the barrel grip is the standard size you are used to. The Pen Uno makes writing stylish and exciting.

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