Build Your Own Fender Guitar

You’ve heard of the Stratocaster, and perhaps even the Telecaster guitar by Fender. If you’re a bass player, you are well-versed in both the Precision and Jazz Bass models. Well, now you can customize one of these models to match your own eclectic style. With the Fender Mod Shop, you go from purchase to play in 30 days.

How? Just pick your model, your orientation, your body color, your fingerguard, pickguard, the plastic part, the pickups, tuning machines, bridge, strings and even the hardware color. You don’t even have to visualize the style yourself, as their website does the work for you. Add, subtract and change your specifications until you have the guitar exactly like you want it. As a guitar player, what could be better? 

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What’s That Guy Doing in Your Kitchen? Introducing Oco2.

The Oco2 camera is an amazing home security device and a step above the rest. Easy to set up and use, just mount the Oco2 on any metal surface using its magnetic base or mount on the wall using screws or double-sided bounding tape. Protect your home and your family when you’re away. With storage in the Cloud, your videos are saved, so there’s no worry if your Internet goes down. Plus, with the new camera, you can live stream 1080p full HD video. Enjoy wide angle view and even night vision. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Oco2 is that it gets smarter every hour you use it. How? It learns to avoid movements that are frequently repeated so you aren’t getting wasted notifications. 

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Watch Over and Play with Your Pet Remotely

Say goodbye to anxiety. Never wonder again what your pets are doing at home all day long. With Petcube Bites and Petcube Play, not only can you watch your pets through the camera, but you can interact through the pet cam, playing and rewarding your pets with treats. You can play and talk with your pets through the Petcube Play by using an app on your phone. Petcube Bites is an even larger camera system that allows you to literally fling treats for your pets to chase and eat. You can do what was never possible before - play with and train your pet when you aren’t home. The system even has night vision capabilities, and the audio is 2-way, so you can hear their sounds. The Petcube products are certainly a ground-breaking way for pet owners to interact with their animals.

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