5 Things You Can Do To Help You Master Technology Quicker

With new technologies popping up multiple times per year, it can seem like you are always behind the curve. The thought of learning a new technology can seem daunting at best.

Yet, there are ways to overcome your fear of the unknown and put your brain to work to master that new technology.

Today we’re going to discuss five things you can do to help you master technology quicker.

1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

You may be out of school, but you can still learn new skills and remember things. The best way to train your brain and your memory to learn how to do something is with repetition.

For example, we’re going to talk about keyboard shortcuts later in this article. To help you master technology quicker, we suggest you master these keyboard commands. The best way to master them is to use them multiple times.

2.Train Your Brain

It will be easier for you to master technology faster if you improve your brain function. If you can think faster and master your memory, you’ll have an easier time learning technology.

You may have heard of programs like Elevate, BrainHQ or Luminosity. These programs build brain resilience and help you exercise your brain.

3. Use Your Body

While it might not seem like exercise fits in well with a discussion on how to master technology quicker, it can help you improve your brain’s fitness.

How? Exercise helps open your brain and facilitate information processing and memory functions. Because exercising is a release and a relief from daily stress, it can help refresh your mind and increase your alertness levels.

This all works together to enable you to master technology quicker.

4. Master Typing

Thirty years ago students in high school took a typing class and learned how to master their typing skills. Finger placement wasn’t a problem, and many people left school knowing how to fly over the keys.

For those people who never mastered proper finger placement, typing quickly can be difficult. Stumbling over finger placement can slow you down and keep you from finishing your tasks in a timely fashion.

From your computer and laptop to your iPhone and iPad, learning how to type properly can certainly speed up your day. If you can type quickly, you’ll learn how to master your technology quicker.

To help you master technology quicker, typing is an almost universal and required skill. You can try a typing trainer app on your iPhone or iPad such as TapTyping.

5. Learn the Shortcuts

Once you’ve mastered your typing skills, you can master technology quicker by learning the keyboard shortcuts. Try to learn a few each week, and in no time, you’ll be shaving hours off your work week.

With Windows based systems, shortcuts involve clicking Ctrl and another key or two. For Mac systems, the keyboard commands involve clicking Cmd and another key or two. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Ctrl/Cmd+C to copy
  • Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste
  • Ctrl/Cmd+X to cut
  • Ctrl/Cmd+ makes your text bigger, and Ctrl/Cmd- makes it smaller.
  • Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+Right or Left to highlight
  • Use the space bar to scroll down a webpage
  • Use Shift plus the space bar to scroll back up
  • On your phone, when texting, hit the space bar twice for a period, and watch the next sentence start with a capital letter.
  • On your phone, when making a call, hit the call icon to redial the last number.
  • Google is a dictionary – just type in the word.
  • Google is an airline database – just type in the flight number.
  • When making a presentation in Keynote or Powerpoint, hit B to black out a slide or W to white out a slide.

Final Thoughts

Technology can be learned, and it isn’t just reserved for techies. When you have a grasp on technology you can improve your life and your everyday processes.

We’ve talked about five things you can do to help you master technology quicker. Learning new technology can be a speedy process if you stick with it. If you’re having trouble learning how to use your new piece of technology, you can always search the Internet for a video or a blog discussing the device. 

For example, if you recently upgraded from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s, you’ll find numerous references to tips and tricks to make it work better.

So, our last piece of advice is to use the technology you are familiar with to master the new technology quicker. 

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