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August 21, 2015


WatchKeeper Delivery Update

We've just received confirmed dates from our manufacturer for the delivery of the first three batches of Watchkeepers, as follows:

August 28th - Batch 1 Complete.

September 4th - Batch 2 Complete.

September 15th - Batch 3 Complete.

With the above dates in mind, we expect most pre orders to be shipped within the first two batches of product.  Orders will be shipped in the order they were placed, starting with the earliest pre orders and working forwards.  Orders will dispatch as usual from our California and Sydney fulfilment centers.

We know you've been waiting a long time for this product, Watchkeeper delivered some learning curves along the way that lead us back to the drawing board more than a few times. We thank you all along with our brilliant manufacturing partners for rolling with every punch, and never losing sight of the ultimate goal.  

We can't wait for you to start using your Watchkeepers!

Team Proper.

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