How to Improve Your Business with iPad

We know you love your iPad. It’s the place to play games, watch movies, surf the web, and download music and apps.

More than that though, the iPad is also perfect for business people who want to work smarter and better.

The iPad actually provides a powerhouse of possibilities for businesses. 

Apple sold 63 million iPads in 2014. Many of those were to businesses. Even government agencies are migrating across to iPads. The National Agricultural Statistics Service added 3,500 iPads and estimates it saves $3-5 million with the work the iPads perform. A study quoted in that article says that businesses can save $3,150 per employee with the use of iPads and other devices. And another study found that tips increased when restaurants used iPads for point-of-sale.

If you are already one of the millions of people using an iPad, but you haven’t yet discovered its benefits for business, or you want to maximize its effectiveness, here are some tips on how to improve your business with an iPad.

Use the iPad as a Payment Processer

You no longer have to be tied to a cash register or credit card machine to process a sales transaction. You can use credit-card swiping tools (or readers) to complete transactions right from the iPad.

Taking your business to the road eliminates lag time between the sale and processing the transaction. When selling in the field, you can quickly swipe your customer’s card, and the app deposits the money into your bank account.

Beauty retailer, Sephora, has capitalized on the use of iPads as point-of-sale-systems. Their employees walk around the store with tablets, assisting customers and making sales transactions wherever they are in the store. Their iPads are equipped with make-up tutorials, virtual mirrors and loyalty programs. They also use iPads as in-store kiosks.

Meet your customers on the iPad

In today’s increasingly busy business world, people don’t often have time for a face-to-face meeting. Your business can cut down on drive time to and from meetings by installing an online meeting iPad app. This allows you to meet virtually with customers. You can also share your screen to review information.

With a meeting app, you can work from outside the office. Skype, WebEx, Team Viewer and GoToMeeting are just a few of the possibilities. Just remember – keep your background professional!

Store Files in the Cloud

Use cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox to share and sync files across teams. These iPad apps ensure your documents are always backed up. They also make it easy for employees to access and edit shared documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Stay Connected

Use iPads in your business as a social networking tool. Send and receive social media updates through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Have a great new product to share? Send it right from your iPad’s camera to your company’s Instagram page.

Social media allows you to connect with current and prospective clients and share useful information. Employees with iPads can extend their reach, and your business, using social media. 

Harness the iPad’s Organizational Power

The iPad is a powerful organizational tool for your business. You can take notes, record meetings, create to-do lists, set reminders and much more. You can use the pre-installed apps or search for more robust apps in the App Store. If you or your employees also use a Mac and an iPhone, you can sync your schedules and notes across devices.

Using the iPad for business keeps you organized and on-schedule so there is less wasted time.

Create Premium Presentations

An iPad is dynamic and interactive. You can use the iPad to create gorgeous presentations and videos to reach out to customers.

Using the iPad’s Keynote app, you can create professional slideshows with all the bells and whistles that are sure to impress.

Share Your Screen

If you are already using an iPad for business, you may have found it difficult to hand the iPad back and forth between yourself and your client. Consider using two iPads and mirroring them so you can present from your iPad to the iPad the customer is holding. Mirroring360 is a strong app that suits a wide-range of needs. 

Spend Less Money

It is less expensive to provide iPads than computers to your staff. Plus, it costs less to update employee systems. Not everyone on your staff needs a hardy desktop computer. Outfit them with iPads – they are cheaper to maintain and replace.

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