The Secret to Making Your First Sale

Here's the biggest secret about making your first sale that no one is willing to talk about - It Doesn't Matter.

Contrary to most of the championing around the first sale being the most crucial milestone, it's actually largely irrelevant.  You see, if you can't make your first sale, you're not a real start up. You're not addressing a market need nor have you added innovative value that couldn't be obtained without you.  Assuming you've ticked at least those boxes, your first sale really shouldn't be that hard

The most important sale is your first repeat sale.

This is the true litmus test of a great startup, delivering a great product that your customer loves.  First sales can be flukes, impulse buys, the result of nothing more than mere curiosity.  A repeat purchase however is a proactive seal of approval.

Forget making the first sale. Life really begins at the first repeat sale.


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