DogTag Update #2 - Fit, form & function

Our resident R&D partner Dante couldn't wait to get his paws on the pre-production prototype of the DogTag yesterday. Sniffing out the chance to run around and make sure it stays in place and remains comfortable. 

Our final pre-production prototype confirmed everything we had planned for, fitting a range of common small to large collars and assembling with ease. The Airtag fits snuggly within the plastic housing, with a screw to hold the two parts together. The silicone cover works well to wrap around the case and tightly strap it to the collar keeping it close and not allowing it to swing around. 

We're well underway with our suppliers getting everything ready for mass production as soon as possible. Ensuring everything we are doing now means the best product for all customers. Our packaging is also being finalised for the best retail experience. 

Making good use of the nice weather, we completed rigorous product testing with Dante out in the wilds of Prahran. Though he was on lead, we let him decide where he wanted to go and lo and behold we ended up and the park.

The AirTag takes a few minutes to update it's location. Whilst it isn't a real-time GPS monitor - we love the fact that for such a low cost, if he was to go off by himself, we would know which way to go to start calling his name! In this instance, we'd head to the park, not the opposite direction. Such insurance is peace of mind. 

If you're familiar with our brand, our call to action is "Designed to do more". We love to maximise the functionality of our products and ecosystems to ensure our customers get the best experience. This extends to the DogTag product, where we have included two anchor points in the plastic shell which allow for it to almost universally attach to anything, even just with a couple of zip ties. A important point for owners of dogs who are particularly active.

After doing everything we needed with regards to our DogTag product, we realised there are probably a few other things in life that could benefit from an AirTag. Turns out our AirTag Shell is pretty perfect for most applications! But we'll dive deeper into that in the future. 

But for now, watch this space for shipping updates and remember you can also keep pre-ordering DogTag for AirTags on our store! 


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