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Road Trip Xmas Bundle

The ultimate gift for the road tripper.

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What's included:

Any iPad Shell Case - The Proper X Lock Case for iPad and iPad Mini protects your device and mounts effortlessly to a growing range of beautiful accessories.

+ iPad Car Headrest Mount - The iPad Car Headrest Mount clamps effortlessly onto your headrest with two viewing positions to ensure the entire back seat is equally entertained, whether one passenger or a full row is in tow. A simple, extendable arm swings out when needed and shows simply when not.

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The Power of X Lock

Your iPad is an incredibly powerful tool. Whether it's for work, play or creativity, the iPad allows you to use technology like never before. The X Lock system acts as a toolset enabling beautiful integration of your iPad into every activity, simply and seamlessly. A clever and intuitive mounting mechanism means the X Lock case mounts to a growing range of accessories with a simple 'Turn & Click', while protecting your device at all times.
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Smart Cover Compatible

There's no use messing with perfection, and we're big fans of the Apple Smart Cover. With that in mind we have chosen to ensure all X Lock iPad cases are completely smart cover compatible.

ipad case best

Slim, Light & Protective.

There's nothing worse than a case that robs the iPad of its sleek, seamless form factor. We've crammed an epic amount of protection and functionality into a case that you'll barely notice. No sparkles or fancy bits, just a beautiful protective case that's all about staying out of the way whilst adding immense utility to your iPad.

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Exclusively Apple

We love nothing more than the challenge of designing for the most discerning audience, and it's for that reason that we've chosen to dedicate our design exclusively to users of Apple devices. Like you, we demand the perfect balance of delightful form, durable materials and surprising functionality. We work hard to ensure we're delivering on each.

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