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iPhone Tilt Stand

Beautifully crafted from aircraft grade Aluminium, then precision machined and hand formed to the ideal elevation and viewing angle. Housing 4 powerful neodymium magnets, the Proper tilt stand allows M Lock compatible cases to be mounted with a simple 'snap'. Designed for both portrait and landscape use, with a clever cable routing cutout for neat charging, the Proper tilt stand is the ideal iPhone stand.

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The Complete Picture

Whether you favour Skype or Facetime, there's no question that getting your whole face into the frame is key to a great experience. The Proper tilt stand positions your phone at the perfect height and angle for effortless video chat or at a glance viewing.

iphone stand

The Power of Magnets

We're dedicated to delivering an experience beyond anything you've seen before. The Proper tilt stand is super thin, lightweight and delivers an incredibly strong attachment, all thanks to the power of some special magnets. We've carefully selected rare earth Neodymium magnets that are known to be super strong, long lasting and safe for use with your iPhone.

Perfect Little Entertainer

Catching up on that Game of Thrones episode? Browsing your Spotify playlist or charging your iPhone? The Proper tilt stand is the ideal companion. The magic of magnets means you're only ever a quick 'tap' away from perfectly aligned portrait or landscape viewing.

The Ultimate iPhone Stand

Convenience should never come at the expense of great design. It is with that in mind that we created the M Lock mounting system. Unique in its ability to allow for thin & lightweight protective cases with fully integrated mounting technology. A custom laser etched inlay is hidden within each M Lock case, with durable and powerful Neodymium magnets housed in each of the M Lock accessories. You'll be amazed at the strength and simplicity of the M Lock system.

iphone stand

Made for M Lock iPhone Cases

Your iPhone is the epitome of convenience and the center of your connected world. We worked hard to ensure our products are a seamless extension of that. Powerful magnets embedded into the Proper tilt stand, along with a wafer thin etched steel inlay in the case allow us to create a quick 'tap and go' mounting experience across the entire M Lock range.

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