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iPhone M Lock Mount Disk


Wafer thin, self-adhesive mount disks with integrated Neodymium magnets make mounting M Lock iPhone cases simple and convenient. No bulky cradle or clasping mechanisms, just a wafer thin, barely-there disk.

Note we are currently clearing the final stock of this product to make room for our new iPhone Wall Mount, which mounts iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Magic Magnets.

Using the M Lock system is unlike anything you've experienced before. Super strong attachment to magnetic accessories that provide unbelievable grip, whilst enabling effortless 'tap & go' iPhone mounting and removal. Thin and lightweight cases protect your iPhone and barely add any size or weight to the device. Yes, we have achieved what was previously thought impossible. Enjoy.

Wafer Thin & Clever.

M Lock mount disks house 4 super strong Neodymium Rare Earth magnets, yet are extremely thin and barely noticeable once installed. A simple peel and stick 3M backing means they're also simple and quick to install, and remove cleanly without leaving any residue behind.


M Lock mount disks can be used on virutally any surface, and like all accessories allow for both portrait and landscape orientations. Mount your phone above a power outlet to charge, beside your bed as an alarm clock or as part of your entertainment system to control music via Spotify.

The Ultimate iPhone Mount

Convenience should never come at the expense of great design. It is with that in mind that we created the M Lock mounting system. Unique in its ability to allow for thin & lightweight protective cases with fully integrated mounting technology. You'll be amazed at the strength and simplicity of the M Lock system.
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Made for M Lock iPhone Cases

Your iPhone is the epitome of convenience and the center of your connected world. We worked hard to ensure our products are a seamless extension of that. Powerful magnets embedded into the Mount Disk, along with a wafer thin etched steel inlay in the case allow us to create a quick 'tap and go' mounting experience across the entire M Lock range.

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iPhone M Lock Mount Disk FAQs

How does the magnetic mount disk attach to my wall/surface?

Each mount disk arrives with self adhesive backing that installs in a 'peel & stick' fashion.  The magnetic mount disk adhesive is tested to be residue free should you choose to remove it at any time.

How many magnetic mount disks are included?

Each box contains 1 magnetic mount disk.

Is the Magnetic Mount Disk all I need to mount my phone to a wall/surface?

You’ll need to pick up an M Lock™ iPhone Case which connects it to the Mount Disk. Cases can be purchased here.

I'd like to mount my iPhone in my car, can I use the magnetic mount disks on my car dashboard?

Yes, the M Disks can be adhered to the surface of your dashboard – however we do offer a windscreen mount that has been purpose designed. The Car Mount can be purchased here

Will the magnets cause any intereference with my iPhone?

No.  We use Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets that are proven to be electronic-safe and free from intereference with your iPhone's components.

What if I decide to upgrade my iPhone, will my Magnetic Mount Disks still work?

Yes.  The Magnetic Mount Disks will always work, you will simply need to purchase the M Lock™ case to suit your new iPhone.

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M Lock Mount Disk
Excellent Little Tool
Golf buggy mount
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