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iPhone Bike Mount

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Precision machined from solid Aluminium, the M Lock Bike Mount is feather-weight and highly durable. Super strong embedded Neodymium magnets grab your M Lock iPhone Case, keeping it front and centre and perfectly angled at all times. The only bike mount worth owning, guaranteed to enhance your cycling performance.

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iphone 6 bike mount

Sleek & Minimal.

The M Lock iPhone Bike Mount was designed to reflect the beauty, simplicity and high level precision of your bike. We selected the finest material aircraft grade Aluminium uniquely blending beauty and robustness to ensure it lasts as long as your bike will.

iphone 6 plus bike mount

Installs in Seconds.

iphone bike holder

Adjustable Angles.

Whether you spend your time over the handlebars attacking that intense climb, or prefer a more relaxed stance, you'll be able to acheive the right angle for viewing and glare minimisation, every time.

iphone bike dock

Tap & Ride.

By employing the most powerful magnets on earth, we're able to deliver an experience unlike anything else. No twist locks, no cumbersome latches to contend with. Just tap your M Lock iPhone Case onto the Bike Mount and get riding. Finished? Simple; Just lift it off your bike and you're done.

iphone bike mount

The Pole Position.

When designing the bike mount, we considered all of the possible mounting positions available. We quickly realised that your handlebars are an already cluttered landscape of lights, levers, shifters and cables. By choosing the Stem Cap we're able to ensure your iPhone Bike Mount is perfectly centered and out of the way, clear of all your other performance enhancing hardware.

iphone bike mount

Made for M Lock iPhone Cases.

Your iPhone is the epitome of convenience and the center of your connected world. We worked hard to ensure our products are a seamless extension of that. Powerful magnets embedded into the iPhone Bike Mount, along with a wafer thin etched steel inlay in the M Lock iPhone case allow us to create a quick 'tap and go' mounting experience.

Important - Cycling is unpredictable and the M Lock Bike Mount has been designed for use on smooth to mostly smooth road surfaces. It is not designed for bumpy/irregular terrain.

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The Ultimate iPhone Bike Mount

Like nothing you've seen or experienced before. The M Lock Bike Mount is another beautiful example of how seamlessly M Lock connects your entire iPhone life.

iphone bike mount



iPhone Bike Mount FAQs

Is the Proper bike mount suitable for mountain biking?

Whilst the magnets employed are very strong, we do not recommend using the Proper bike mount on off road,  mountain or bumpy track riding.  The Proper bike mount has been designed for Road Cycling on smooth to mostly smooth road surfaces.

Is the Bike Mount Weather Proof?

Yes, the mount itself is weather proof.

Is the Bike Mount the only product I need to mount my iPhone to my Bike?

You’ll need to pick up an M Lock™ iPhone Case which connects to the Bar Mount magnetically. Cases can be purchased here.

I'd like to your the Bike Mount with my Android device, do you have compatible cases? 

Unfortunately we do not currently have cases for non-Apple devices.

Are the magnets in the iPhone Bike Mount safe to use near my iPhone?

We selected highly specialised magnets that are widely used within electronic devices.  The magnets used are safe and do not interfere with phone reception or any other phone functions.

What material is used to produce the iPhone Bike Mount?

The Bike Mount is produced in custom precision moulded Aluminium.  This material choice allows for a lightweight mount that is highly durable.  The Bike Mount is sand blasted and then Anodised to provide high level weather and corrosion proofing.

What if I decide to upgrade my iPhone, will my Bike Mount still work?

Yes.  The Bike Mount will always work, you will simply need to purchase the M Lock™ case to suit your new iPhone.

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