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Dual Tablet Stand

The Dual Tablet stand is a universal 35cm tall countertop stand designed to elevate the point-of-sale experience.

Fully angle adjustable, and customisable with the optional addition of a second tablet mounted to the rear of the stand. The Dual Tablet stand includes a super strong adhesive base plate to enable damage free, permanent installation onto any counter surface.

The included Universal Connect Adapter adheres directly onto your tablet, enabling it to mount onto the Dual Tablet stand with an intuitive 'rotate and click' motion.

What's in the Box.

1 x Dual Tablet Stand
2 x Universal Connect Adapter
1 x Adhesive base plate

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AR Experience

Open this page using Safari on iPhone or iPad to see the Dual Tablet Stand in your space. 


How does my tablet mount to the Dual Tablet stand?
Your Dual Tablet stand will arrive with one (or two for dual configuration) Universal Connected Adapter plates. Connect Adaptor plates are designed for permanent adhesive installation right onto the back of your tablet. With the Connect Adaptor installed, you can quickly mount your tablet with a simple 'rotate to mount' action.

Does the Dual Tablet stand keep my cables need and tidy?
Yes! The Dual Tablet stand has a channel in its centre which allows you to feed cables through, such as power and security.

Stand Tall
Designed with ergonomics in mind; raised to eye-level.
Cables Managed
Carefully considered cable management allows for cables to be cleverly burrowed through the length of the stand.
Damage-Free Installation
The Dual Tablet stand can be permanently fixed to a countertop, or using the included, damage-free adhesive base plate.
Angle Adjustable
Totally angle adjustable to match the height of any person in any environment.

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